Basil Squid Oseng (Simple Home Cooking)

Basil Squid Oseng 

This is very simple to make, the fragrant spices of Lemongrass and basil leaves make this simple dish amazing. With the addition of cucumber rice and delicious crackers. I made it soupy, using cayenne pepper, about 20 seeds, what was main, eating became tasteful.


·        1/2 kg fresh calamari, clean, remove ink

·        A handful of basil

·        6 onion grains , sliced

·        3 grains of garlic, sliced

·        2 stems of sere, sliced

·        5 orange leaves, remove leaf bones

·        2 bay leaves

·        2 cm galangal, sliced

·        to taste Salt

·        Sufficient sugar

·        to taste Powder broth

·        Chillies taste according to me, 20 cayenne pepper, 25 slices


1.     Heat cooking oil, sautégarlic onion until fragrant 

2.     Add another spice, wait until it is thick and cooked

3.     Add squid, salt, sugar, powder stock 

4.     Wait until the squid is tender, enter the basil

5.     Taste correction

6.     Turn off the fire, ready to serve


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