Chicken Soto (Simple Home Cooking)

Chicken Soto 

This is a menu beside the potato cakes that I posted earlier. This chicken soup contains chest, claw, and chicken bones. The chest can be lifted if it is removed, then it is set aside for shriveling, so the kid is easy to maem. If the mother is chronotine, it suffers from the bones. This time the chicken soup soup was made clear, according to the request of the boy, if I really like the buttie which is used with marinade candlenut, because according to me, it is more tasty, but the cooking purpose is good, so the little boy will follow the boy this time


·        1/2 kg chicken breast

·        1/2 kg of claw

·        1/2 kg chicken bones

·        8 grains of garlic

·        6 onion grains

·        1 tb ketunbar roast

·        4 cm lengjuas

·        2 cm ginger geprek

·        2 lemon leaves

·        4 bay leaves

·        5 orange leaves, remove the leaf bone

·        2 sledge stairs, knot rope

·        1/2 my sachet , or according to taste

·        according to Salt’s taste

·        Powder broth to taste, me: powder broth

·        2 cm turmeric, peeled grilled

·        Vermicelli, boiled

·        Toge, boiled

·        Sambel boiled chili

·        Soy sauce

·        sliced onion

·        fried onions


1.Boil the chicken claw and the bones to a boil, and the dirt floats, defecates, wash the claw and bone again, set aside

2.Bring to a boil of water (for broth), after boiling, enter the claw, chest and bones. Wait back until it boils, reduce the heat

3.Puree garlic, onion, turmeric, coriander

4.Sautéthe spices, geprek seasoning, and the leaves are sliced​​into a brown and fragrant until cooked fragrant

5.Add the seasoning to the soup, add slices, salt, sugar, pepper, powder stock

6.With a small fire, wait until the seasoning permeates

7.Correct the taste, if it fits right and the seasoning responds completely to the heat

8.Ready to be presented with a complement


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