Crab Butter Sauce (Simple Home Cooking)

Crab Butter Sauce 


·        1 kg of crab

·        2 chicken eggs

·        1 lemongrass

·        Tomato sauce

·        2 candied acids

·        4 garlic cloves

·        2 red onion cloves

·        Butter



1.     Clean crabs

2.     Smooth the onion and garlic

3.     Lemongrass in geprek

4.     Beat the eggs until well blended

5.     Preheat butter until it’s melted

6.     Enter the fine spices and lemongrass until fragrant

7.     Enter the crab, stir for a while then add enough water

8.     If the water has boiled, enter the candlestick acid and eggs

9.     Mix the tomato sauce, and taste it adequately, correct the taste, ready to serve


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