Cranberry Orange Mocktail Recipe

Cranberry Orange Mocktail Recipe

Cranberry Orange Mocktail Recipe

This non-alcoholic Cranberry Orange Mocktail is a simple and refreshing punch drink for the vacations. Fizzy, fruitful, and only 3 ingredients.

For our family, vacations are all about creating and trying new recipes. We’re excited to return up with a replacement drink for Christmas or New Year’s Day Eve.

We’re big fans of great mocktails, because of the copious soda shop where we live, but it is also fun to be ready to make our own creations. For this holiday drink, I purchased a Simply Cranberry Cocktail and a Simply® Orange from the chilled juice section of Smith’s (my favorite Kroger shop), and headed down the bottled soda aisle to get Sprite Cranberry Zero.

This orange cranberry mocktail is super light, crunchy, and refreshing. It hits the spot without being too sweet, which makes it an excellent companion for Christmas lunch or dinner. It’s like non-alcoholic mimosa.


  • 3 cups of Simply Orange Lt Pulp Free, chilled
  • 3 cups of Simply Cranberry Cocktail, chilled
  • 1/2 (2 liter bottle) Sprite Cranberry Zero, chilled (about 4 1/4 cups)


  1. In a large bowl, add the cranberry and fruit juice.
  2. Slowly pour cold soda. Stir gently, if necessary. Serve immediately during a cup over ice. Garnish with cranberries and an orange wedge, if desired.

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