Dori Katsu (simple home cooking)

Dori Katsu 

I bought a fillet dori, but he was confused about what to do if I was executed by the dori. Even though dori mah is delicious, the texture of the fish is also soft. Besides dori fish, this katsu can be from chicken, tuna, or other fish. Well, really, it was a kid eating two pieces of dori, plus a hokben-style cobbled salad plus a cup of rice, and then eating it.

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·        2 slices of dori fish, such as each one of 150 grams, cut it

·        Pepper powder

·        to taste Salt

·        1 egg item

·        1 small sachet of seasoning powder

·        1 cup of bread


1.           Marinase fish with pepper and salt, let stand for 15 minutes

2.           Enter 1 egg egg into the fish, stir well

3.           Roll the fish over the spice flour

4.           Put it back in the container containing the egg

5.           Roll it back into the container containing the bread flour, while pressing it

6.           Do the same thing until the fish runs out

7.     If everything is done, put it in a tightly closed container, store it in the freezer for 30 minutes, when the bread flour sticks perfectly, when it is fried it doesn’t break

8.           Heat cooking oil

9.           Fried dori katsu until cooked

10.      Serve with vegetable salad or simply with sauce and mayonnaise


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