Fish Semur (Simple Home Cooking)

Fish Semur 


·        1 kg fish

·        Frying oil

·        2 large red chilies

·        3 red curly chili

·        4 onion cloves

·        2 cloves of garlic

·        2 candlenut seeds

·        A little nutmeg

·        2 segments of ginger (in geprek)

·        1 segment of galangal (in geprek)

·        2 lemongrass sticks

·        3 leaves of salam

·        Enough coriander

·        Just enough pepper

·        A little nutmeg

·        2 tablespoons of brown sugar

·        1 tablespoon of sugar

·        Moderation Royco / salt

·        1 small tomato (small pieces)


1.Wash the fish clean, don’t forget to fish scales. Then fry the fish as usual.

2.While the fish is fried. Prepare seasoning (onion, chili and candlenut). Smooth snake

3.Fish that is fried, turned so that it is cooked evenly. After both sides of the fish are cooked, lift and drain.

4.Oseng spices that have been squeezed using 5 tablespoons of cooking oil. Wait until fragrant. After fragrant, add ginger, galangal, lemongrass and bay leaves. Stir in the spices.

5.Enter 5 cups of clean water. Add Royco, sugar and brown sugar that has been combed. stir until occasionally boil

6.Add the fried fish. Reduce the flame, wait until the bottom fish has softened.

7.When the bottom fish is soft. Turn the fish over and wait for the marinade to thick.

8.Taste correction. If it’s right. Turn off the stove and immediately serve

9.Warm up the fish when it comes to eating so that its seasoning is added and the taste is getting stronger


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