How to Create the Ultimate Cookie Gift Box

Ultimate Cookie Gift Box

Learn how to create the ultimate cookie gift box for your family and friends! It makes the perfect hostess or thank you gift!

Tell me, would you be excited if someone brought you a cookie gift box?

I know I would be screaming of joy! So many different cookies and treats filled beautifully and neatly in a festive box.

Honestly I think this is the perfect gift to bring to family and friends over the holidays, but why stop there! It’s actually the perfect gift to bring to anyone all year round. I mean, I know December is cookie season and all, but its not like people stop liking cookies the rest of the year!

So how do you create this glorious thing? Let me walk you through it!

First you need to know what kinds of cookies you are adding into your cookie gift box. These can be either homemade or store-bought. Don’t be ashamed if you’re using store bought, you are taking the cookie out of the packaging anyways hehehe.

My recommendations when you’re thinking about cookie selections is to think of:

              Different shapes and sizes– You definitely want a variety here so that your cookie gift box has a dynamic look to it. That means some classic round cookies, but also a rectangular shortbread cookie, and then a fun shaped cookie like these raspberry lemon linzer cookies.

      Different flavors– Again you want the variety so that there are different flavors and your gift receiver cannot resist trying each one!

         Add in candies or other treats– The main focus of this box is obviously cookies but its fun to add in little treats to break up the space visually.

Full Recipe:Click Here


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