How To Enlarge Breasts Quickly

Enlarge Breasts Quickly

· Foods that can stimulate the production of the hormone estrogen (sexual hormone in women). Namely found in:

1.     Prune

2.     Bean

3.     Long beans

4.     Dry apricots

5.     Setup

6.     Soy

7.     Sesame seeds

If you regularly consume the foods above, then these foods will be able to help stimulate the growth of tissues in your breast, which will function to enlarge the breasts naturally.

· Mask for natural breast massage.

You can use natural ingredients found in:

1.     Red onion

2.     Fish oil (open the layer first, then apply directly to the breast)

3.     Vitamin E (open the layer first, then apply directly to the breast)

4.     Long beans

5.     Fennel seeds

6.     Cucumber

7.     Pumpkin siam

The ingredients above can be used as masks to raise breast naturally and quickly


1.     Choose only one of the ingredients above.

2.     Wash first, then peel the skin.

3.     Blend first by pounding (blending)

4.     After the ingredients become smooth like pasta, apply the mask by applying it evenly to all parts of the breast (avoid the nipple because it will cause pain).

5.     Do a gentle massage, then leave for 15 minutes while waiting for it to dry.

6.     Take it as usual.

7.     It is recommended to take care 3 times a week.

· How to enlarge your breasts with your own hands is to do massage on the part of your breasts.

1. This massage functions to promote blood circulation, stimulate hormones and will also prevent the formation of toxins in the breast so that your breasts become healthier, plump and tighter.

2. You can use these ingredients as a lubricant to massage your breasts, olive oil, turtle oil, baby oil or serum.

3. Perform massage gently and slowly with circular movements for 15-20 minutes.

4. Perform treatment 2 to 3 times a week


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