How To Raise Your Buttocks With Exercise

Raise Your Buttocks With Exercise


1.        Squat jumps sets

Squat jump movement will train the muscles in the buttocks to be tight so that the appearance of your butt looks beautiful. Do squat jumps with other variations. 

2.        Curtsy Lunges

You need to move to the right and left side while crossing your legs back. The purpose of this exercise is curtsy lunges so that the buttocks look full and tight. This is one way to raise your buttocks quickly.

3.        Prisoner Squats

This is a variation of the squat jump, yaiyu prisoner squat. The difference with a squat jump is that the movement is carried out in only half, obviously it doesn’t need to go down.

4.        Side step-up and kick

Use the footing to practice this movement. The trick is to position one foot on the footing, the other foot on the ground. Lift and lower the legs that stick to the ground.

5.        Sprinter knee raises

Perform movements such as positioning yourself when you will do a square when you want to run.

6.        Sumo Squat jumps

This is another variation of the squat jump, which is by opening to two feet as wide as possible, then doing the squat jump as usual.


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