Kentucky Bourbon Balls

Kentucky Bourbon Balls

It’s holiday baking season again, and I am always looking for new recipes for Christmas treats to give to my family and friends during the holiday season. This year I decided to try making no bake Kentucky Bourbon Balls. They take a couple of hours to make, but if you have the time to make them, they are definitely worth the effort!

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I know that rum balls are often popular during the holiday season, but I had never heard of bourbon balls before. Kentucky is famous for its bourbon whiskey, so that’s how these Kentucky Bourbon Balls got their name.


                   2 c. walnuts, chopped finely

                   10 tbsp. bourbon

                   2 sticks (1 cup butter), softened

                   2 lb. (1 package) powdered sugar

                   1 lb. semi-sweet chocolate chips*


Combine chopped walnuts and 6 tablespoons of the bourbon. Ideally you want to let the walnuts soak in the bourbon overnight, but a couple hours is fine if you are short on time.

Full Recipe:Click Here


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