Laser Liposuction Worth It

Laser Liposuction Worth It

Everybody is well aware of the procedure of liposuction as it is among the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures and a large number of men and women who get frustrated of doing exercise and diet make this procedure their choice to get rid of excess fat on their bodies. The technique used for the procedure of liposuction, developed previously, was invasive, required some time for complete recovery and was more effective for those who had elastic skin. But the advancement in this procedure has introduced more techniques used for the procedure of liposuction that are more effective and less invasive. Laser liposuction is one of them, which is preferred on traditional liposuction and is considered more beneficial.

Laser liposuction – more accurately known as laser-assisted liposuction – is the procedure that uses laser technology for removal of excess fat on certain areas of body. The procedure is less invasive and is performed either under local anesthesia or sedation depending on the amount of fat to be removed. In the procedure, laser is used to liquefy the fat by heating it and it becomes easy to remove it. This fat is then sucked out through small cannula inserted in the targeted area through small incisions. Besides removing excess fat, laser also improves the production of collagen.

Laser liposuction is very beneficial procedure but is not suitable for everyone. If you have mild to moderate amount of excess fat and skin to removed, the procedure will be very effective for you. Furthermore if you are not obese and you are nearly twenty percent overweight and you are not considering the procedure as the method for weight reduction, you are ideal candidate for this procedure. This procedure is normally used for removal of excess fat on abdomen, arms, thighs, knees, face and neck. It’s also beneficial for men who suffer from the condition called gynecomastia – enlargement of male breasts – for removal of excess breast tissues.

There are lots of benefits associated with the procedure of laser liposuction that make it more valuable, have a look on some of them.

          It gives smoothest and the best body contouring results.

          Besides removing fat, it also tightens the skin and does not cause sagginess.

          It requires less time for recovery.

          It causes less discomfort or pain.

          The procedure results in less swelling and bruising.

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