Medically, There Are 3 Ways To Remove Permanent Tattoos

3 Ways To Remove Permanent Tattoos

1.  Technology laser This step is done by breaking the tattoo color using high intensity rays.

There are many types of lasers used to remove tattoos. Each type has different uses, such as YAG lasers and Q-switched ruby which are only effective for removing blue-black and red tattoos. This technique might not be able to remove the green tattoo. The initial process of removing a laser tattoo is to numb the skin with an injection of local anesthetic.

2.     Surgery to remove skin tissue In this procedure, a scalpel is used to cut and lift the tattooed area of​​the skin. After that, the edges of the incision skin are joined together and sewn together to re-glue. Before this operation is done, the area of​​the skin is also numbed with an injection of local anesthetic. After surgery, the incision area is given an antibiotic ointment to help with the healing process. This method is considered effective in removing tattoos, but can cause scars, in the form of scar tissue on the skin.

3.     Dermabrasion This method uses a device that can erode the top layer of the skin. This process aims to diminish the color of the tattoo. In order not to feel pain, before the tattooed skin area was also made numb. Unfortunately, because the results cannot be ascertained, the dermabrasion technique is less popular nowadays. In addition, the two previous methods were considered more effective than dermabrasion.


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