Salted Balado Fish Pakang (Simple Home Cooking)

Salted Balado Fish Pakang 

The basic seasoning is the same as the one in the Balado Teri recipe, but because I don’t have a big red chili, I use it with red curly chili.

Tips:Wait for a new stir of cold balado seasoning to be mixed with pakang fish so that the fish is durable.


·        1 pack of salted fish

·        10 pieces of curly red chili

·        5 onion cloves

·        3 garlic cloves

·        Sufficient salt (it doesn’t need much because the fish has been salted)

·        1-2 tsp sugar

·        1 tsp powder stock

·        Sufficient oil


1. Heat the oil, fry the fish with low heat (be careful to burn easily because the fish is very thin) until it’s crunchy. Set aside

2. Blend chili and onions (can be blended). Saute the spices until cooked. Season with salt, sugar and broth. Set aside

3. When the stir fry is cold, mix it with pakang fish. Serve it


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