Satay Taichan

Satay Taichan

One afternoon, my friends came … looking for a simple menu idea to cook now … Thank God all for liking my menu this time.

Serving:  25 sticks


·        1 kg of chicken breast meat (diced)

·        Soaking marinade (puree):

·        4 garlic cloves

·        1 tbsp pepper

·        Salt

·        Lime juice

Sauce: (Puree)

·        5 pieces of cayenne pepper

·        5 curly chilies

·        2 cloves of garlic

·        Salt, sugar



1. Spread the chicken with lime and marinade, let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Arrange on a skewer.

2. Bake with medium heat until slightly browned … arrange on a serving plate

3. Make chili sauce: sautéthe chilli until fragrant … add water to make it a little runny, add a little lime juice

4. Satay is ready to be served with chili sauce and lime slices.


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