Simple Geprek Chicken

Simple Geprek Chicken

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1.           3 chicken breasts

2.           1 egg chicken

3.           Fried chicken spice seasoning

4.           3 garlic

5.           Powdered pepper and salt

6.           Frying oil

7.           Chili sauce

8.           12 cayenne pepper

9.           2 fried garlic

10.      Salt


1. Steam the chicken for 3 minutes, squeeze the garlic, salt, and pepper afterwards then spread the chicken pda which has been steamed until the seasoning is infused for 1 hour.

2. After seasoning enter 1 egg and pour chicken meat.

3. Make the sasa seasoning flour mixture into 2 … one of the dough is wet and the other mixture is dry … the wet mixture uses ice water.

4. Apply the chicken to the wet mixture and dry the mixture, repeat it 3 times or more.

5. After that, fry the chicken until it is golden yellow

6. Fry the garlic and uleg with 12 cayenne peppers and salt, give a little cooking oil, then the chicken is cooked.

7. Good luck!


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