Vanilla Waffle Cake With Whipped

Vanilla Waffle Cake with Whipped Vanilla Waffle Cake With Whipped This vanilla cake is made from waffle iron! Stack your cake waffles and give them a nice chocolate shake storm for easy cake recipes that don’t require an oven! Time: 30 to 40 mins  Vanilla … Read more

Strawberry Waffle Cake

Strawberry Waffle Cake At our house, the hubby is the waffle maker. He takes the box biscuit mix out of the pantry and makes a hot breakfast for himself on the weekends. On occasion, I’ll whip up waffles from scratch and have even made some … Read more

Black Forest Waffle Cake

Black Forest Waffle Cake Cake in a waffle iron.  That’s right– stop what you’re doing.  This is BIG.  This Black Forest Waffle Cake is one of the best things that’s ever happened to dessert at my house. NO JOKE!  With only 4 simple ingredients, you … Read more