Thai Peanut Butternut Squash Soup

Thai Peanut Butternut Squash Soup

If I had to choose the Fooduzzi recipe that we make the most, it would have to be these Thai Peanut Burrito Bowls.

It’s one of those old standbys that will always satisfy. I mean, it’s a dinner full of peanut butter. How could it not be the most perfect go-to meal ever?

But remember in that post that I said that the Thai Peanut Sauce that tops the bowls is “drinkable”? Well, I made it slurpable. And holy moly is it my new favorite thing EVER.

Seriously, I’m planning on making this soup every day. And that’s probably because I’m having a moment with soup. I was never a huge soup fan in the past. I liked chili, cream of broccoli, and tomato, but that’s pretty much it.

Prep: 10m  

Cook: 20m  

Yield: Serves 2-3

This Thai Peanut Butternut Squash Soup is loaded with healthy ingredients like ginger, garlic, and peanut butter, and it’s a comforting vegan & gluten free fall meal!


                   3 cups diced butternut squash

                   1 medium vidalia onion, diced

                   3 large cloves garlic, minced or pressed

                   2-3 Tbsp. chopped and peeled ginger*

                   2 Tbsp. olive oil

                   salt + pepper

                   pinch red pepper flakes

                   2 cups vegetable broth, plus more if necessary

                   2 Tbsp. natural peanut butter

                   1+ tsp. gluten free tamari or soy sauce

                 for topping: Sriracha, basil, green onion, peanut butter, peanuts, coconut milk


1.        Add butternut squash, onion, garlic, ginger, and olive oil to a large pot over medium heat. Season with a generous amount of salt and pepper, and add a pinch of red pepper flakes if desired. Cook, stirring often, until the onions are translucent, about 10 minutes.

2.          Add your broth, and bring the mixture up to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and allow it to cook until the butternut squash is tender, 10-15 minutes.

3.        Carefully add contents to a blender (do it in two batches if necessary), and blend until smooth. Add peanut butter and tamari plus additional broth if it needs to be a bit more thin, and blend again. Taste and adjust seasonings and spice as necessary.

Full Recipe:Click Here


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