The Perfect Party Snack! Mini Burgers

The Perfect Party Snack! Mini Burgers

The more we move towards spring , the more often my guilty conscience announces itself with the announcement: Move, come off the couch and into the sneakers! Do you feel the same? In the past I was really chasing sports. But since I left school and no longer have to “endure” gym classes, I started to study the subject more closely. One thing I know for sure: Alone it is harder to go to the gym together with friends. Similar to sports itself, it was also with sports programs – until the football World Cup 2014, as GermanyBecame world champion. I liked the common, regular meeting with friends and that together. Since then, I like to watch games with friends. Of course it’s even more fun to have a team to cheer on! After the men were through in football, we then cheered on the women in the World Cup. The great thing is that you really get together through the fixed seasons and do not always postpone meetings together.

Of course you only need three things for such an event : good friends , a good sports program (for example with the Telekom Sport Package *, which I’ll tell you later) and the right food . But I’ve come up with something that actually everyone likes and at the same time is great for snacking: My recipe for Mini- Burger ! They not only look cute, they also taste really good. You can prove and prepare them in all possible variations. How I made my mini-burgers , I’ll show you here now:

Full Recipe:Click Here


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