Tomato Sauce Goldfish

Tomato Sauce Goldfish


·        1/2 kg of goldfish

·        3 tomatoes

·        1 small segment of ginger

·        3 garlic cloves

·        1 onion

·        7 pieces of cayenne pepper

·        2 orange leaves

·        to taste basil leaves

·        1 lemongrass

·        3 tablespoons of tomato sauce

·        1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce


1.     Clean the goldfish, drain it until the goldfish dries

2.     Smooth the cayenne pepper, garlic, and ginger, lemongrass

3.     Tomatoes are diced

4.     Onion slices thin

5.     Fry half-cooked goldfish, drain

6.     Fry the spices, lemongrass, orange leaves, and onions until it is wilted, then add tomatoes, 100 ml of water, when boiling the sweet soy sauce, tomato sauce, and salt to taste, taste correction, lasting basil leaves and mashed leaves, turn back briefly, let the herb get diffuse, then serve it


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