Unbeatable Christmas liqueur

Unbeatable Christmas liqueur

As some of you may have realized, there was this super tasty Christmas liqueur on Instagram to win. For those who were not so lucky, here is the recipe for making your own:

Ingredients (for 2.25 l):

·       500 ml orange juice

·       500 ml tangerinejuice500 ml

·       rum (40 o / oo)

·       500 g brown sugar

·       500 g white sugar

·       4 cloves

·       4 cinnamon sticks

·       Abrasion of 3 oranges


First mix the orange juice and mandarin juice and mix with Boil the sugar. When it is bubbling, add the sugar, orange grated and the spices. Simmer for about 15 minutes on low heat with lid and then for another 15 minutes from the stove and let cool (lid on it).

Full Recipe:Click Here


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