Viennese Cake Recipen

Viennese Cake

People: 4

Difficulty: Average

Cook Time: 45 Minutes


          For the cake

          115 g of peeled sweet almonds

          3 g of bitter almonds or armellines

          137 g of sugar

          45 g of flour

          12 g of starch

          25 g of cocoa

          a pinch of powdered vanilla

          a pinch of salt

          82 g of dark chocolate

          25 g of butter

          5 egg yolks

          4 egg whites

          For the filling

          120 g of apricot jam

          20 ml of orange liqueur

          For coverage

          170 ml of cream

          25 ml of glucose syrup

          170 g of dark chocolate


1.   In a food processor, finely chop the almonds with 25 grams of sugar and then mix them in a bowl with flour, starch, cocoa, a pinch of vanilla and salt.

2.   Melt the chocolate and butter together in a bain-marie.

3.   Whip the egg yolks separately with 50 grams of sugar and the egg whites with 62 grams of sugar.

4.   Lighten the egg yolks whipped with a third of the egg whites, also whipped, then add the melted chocolate and butter.

5.   Add the mixture with almonds, flour, starch and cocoa.

6.   Incorporate the remaining egg white.

7.   …..

8.   …..

Full Recipe:Click Here


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