What Makes The Impossible Burger Taste Like Meat

What Makes The Impossible Burger Taste Like Meat

What Makes The Impossible Burger Taste Like Meat

Investigates the first vegetarian vegetarian ‘meat’ burger, using genetically modified ingredients. Does it taste like the real one.

I was fortunate enough to go to the US three times this summer and my main event there was to be able to try the famous ‘Impossible Burger’. Sometimes, I’m a fan of meat substitutes, but I really lose the satisfaction of a good old ‘dirty burger’, so I’m really excited to put my teeth into this famous burger that I’ve been dreaming of on Instagram for months on Instagram for months.

I went to the Public House in San Francisco and sat down with anticipation and excitement. I ordered it with American cheese, of course. It was extraordinary and met the desire that I have had since turning vegetables. The feeling I want is the excitement that comes with warm, fatty and salty burgers wrapped in extraordinary brioche bread, pickles, sauces, salads, and cheese. It definitely has the taste, texture, and naughty fat I’m looking for.

The outside of the burger is coated with coconut oil, so it has a savory taste on the outside like you get a beef burger when you fry it. And it’s inside: the little pinky middle. It is very delicious. It tasted very good – the best vegetarian burger I have ever had. However, I hope it is indistinguishable from a meat burger so I’m a little disappointed that I can still distinguish it.

My expectations are quite high after seeing all the hype on social media, so I hope it’s exactly like meat, but I don’t think they’ve gotten there in texture … yet. I am sure they will fix it and it is truly amazing, but a little too soft and mushy. If asked to rank, I would give eight out of 10 – the top end of the scale equivalent to my old favorite from Meat Liquor! My husband, who usually eats beef, also has one and he even said it was very good. Quite impressive in my book.

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