World's Best Cake A Norwegian Classic

World’s Best Cake

A Norwegian Classic

This is a Norwegian cake from my cookbook, “Sweet Paul: Eat & Make

You will need:


·        10½tablespoons (1 stick plus 21⁄2 tablespoons) butter, softened

·        12⁄3 cups granulated sugar, separated

·        11⁄3 cups unbleached all-purpose flour

·        1 teaspoon baking powder

·        5 large eggs, separated

·        1⁄3 cup whole milk

·        1⁄4 cup sliced almonds

·        1 cup heavy cream

·        1⁄2 vanilla bean


1.     Preheat the oven to 350°F, with a rack in the middle position. Line an 8-x-12-inch baking pan with parchment paper. I recomend not using glass pans, use metal.

2.     Beat the butter and 2⁄3 cup of the sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer until light and creamy, about 3 minutes.

3.     Add the flour and baking powder and mix well on low speed.

4.     Mix in the egg yolks and milk.

5.     Scrape the batter into the baking pan.

6.     In a large clean bowl, beat the egg whites and the remaining 1 cup sugar to soft peaks. Spread on top of the cake layer. Sprinkle with the almond slices.



Full Recipe:Click Here


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